Remington "1858" New Model Army
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Closeup of right side of frame and cylinder
full view of pistol, right side
Grip detail with cartouche
Left side hammer, grip, and frame
Left side detail
Barrel detail top
The 1858 Remington-Beals, the predecessor to the "1858 New Model" Army, which began production in 1861
"The first large-framed revolvers made by E. Remington & sons were based on "Beals" 1858 patent, collectors call these first revolvers "Beals" models. About 2,000 were made in the army model, and slightly more in the "Navy" model. The army was .44 cal, with an 8" barrel while the navy model was in .36 cal with a 7 3/8" barrel. They differed quite a bit from the "New model 1858" Remington repros we commonly see today.

First of all the loading lever was more squared off, and the round part longer. The "web" portion being shorter. The hammers had higher "spurs", and the metal on top of the frame just behind the hammer was about a quarter inch longer. The frame came all the way back to the end of the barrel, so no barrel thread were showing. They all also had German silver cone-shaped, dovetailed front sights. They did not have "safety notches" in the cylinder, otherwise, looked very similar to the modern reproductions."
                                                                Tom Ball

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